3 Tips To Becoming A Successful Locum Coordinator

Best Work From Home Job in 2016: $1,000 Per Phone Call!

Best work from home job in 2016: $1,000 Per Phone Call!  How can you easily add thousands of dollars in extra income to your wallet this year?  Simple!…Just make a few phone calls or send a couple of texts to your colleagues, hospital recruiters, or administrators and tell them to try Freelance Physician this year!  When new providers and clients are added to our program, everyone benefits.  Whether the need is for a locum tenens provider, part-time help, 0.5 or 1 FTE in your ER or Urgent Care, or if they simply need recruitment services, we have a service option that will meet most needs.  We also enjoy paying hospital administrators and recruiters for their referrals too!  That’s right, for any new client you send our way, Freelance Physician pays $1,000 to any recruiter, manager, or administrator as a way of saying “thank you!”  **Making $1,000 for every referral we do business with in 2016 is quite possibly the best work from home job in 2016.  With 91% of hospitals reporting using locum tenens providers in 2014, and over 6,000 hospitals in the U.S., that’s $5,460,000 potential commission-based income, not to mention all of the independent practices which need Freelance Physician services too.  Help us make 2016 our biggest year yet!

**Freelance Physician will pay $1,000 for every new client or provider referral you make which results in demonstratable new business in 2016.  Max payout per person is $1,000,000.00 ($1 Million per person max, no exceptions apply).


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