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Online Marketplace

Temporary healthcare staffing innovation has arrived! Post your work online with Freelance Physician today! Select the shifts needing covered and rates you are willing to pay, then watch candidates bid on your job!

Workforce Solutions

Freelance Physician offers full spectrum temporary healthcare workforce solutions, from candidate sourcing and credentialing, to medical liability protection, payroll and labor force management using our online management tools.

Superior Candidates

Our providers are truly unique, with over 90% working locally as a freelance providers for the first time. Each is carefully qualified for service after a thorough credentials verification process.

Employer of Record

Temporary healthcare staffing must be done right the first time, having both financial and legal implications that may put your organization at risk. As Employer of Record, Freelance Physician eliminates exposure in our work arrangements.

Low Placement Fees

Freelance Physician offers the lowest placement fees should you choose to permanently hire your freelancer. All providers are eligible to being hired permanently and prices are set based on their position and specialty.

Medical Liability Insurance

Freelance Physician offers medical liability insurance for covering even the shortest of needs. Need just one hour of coverage? No problem! Available for qualified providers in any specialty and region.

Float Pool Management

A superior alternative to costly locum tenens providers, having a local float pool is an ideal way to provide temporary staffing coverage and generate a candidate pipeline from within your community. Let Freelance Physician assemble your perfect float pool and begin seeing results!

No Middleman Involved

Freelance Physician allows healthcare organizations to set the rates of pay offered for services, which then receives bids from providers in our free marketplace, ultimately keeping costs down.

Payroll Services

ntrol of the financial relationship is one of the criteria determining proper employee classification per IRS guidelines. Review criteria here. Freelance Physician’s work arrangements meet or exceed all classification schema.

Hire Credentialed Providers

Hire locum tenens physicians that have been extensively qualified for service ahead of time. Freelance Physician has thousands of providers signed up and ready for service in every state and in every specialty. Offer your work today CLICK HERE

Lower Your Staffing Costs

Set your own hourly or fixed rates offered and hire locum tenens physicians and per diem providers with the help of our freelancer management system. The more you use Freelance Physician providers, the lower your staffing costs become.

Hire Freelance Physician Today!

There are thousands of physicians nationwide willing to provide the coverage you need. All you have to do is post your work online today! With Freelance Physician, you are able to hire any healthcare provider at the lowest cost in the nation!

Hire Temporary Physicians

Hire your temporary providers through Freelance Physician and save!

Would you like to know how to hire temporary physicians? Perhaps you are looking to hire advanced practitioners, nurses, physical therapists, or other allied healthcare providers? Freelance Physician will show you how to hire temporary physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, and any allied health providers for any sized need at a fraction of the cost of using traditional staffing agencies. Our secure online platform hosts thousands of freelance providers who are in search of work offerings just like yours. Post your services needed with Freelance Physician today and set the rates you are willing to pay. Immediately, this work becomes visible to thousands of temporary freelance physicians, freelance nurses, freelance advanced practitioners, freelance physical therapists and many more who browse your post with full transparency and bid on your jobs. Our expert project managers take the guesswork out of the question: How to hire temporary physicians? Freelance Physician’s online marketplace cuts out the high profit margins charged by locum tenens agencies, while still offering candidate sourcing, credentialing, payroll, medical liability, and quality assurance, all for the lowest possible price available!

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What Our Client Say

“By using technology to connect hospitals to much-needed independent doctors, Freelance Physician is giving America a preview of the future of medicine.”

“Online platforms are the future of temporary work. Freelance Physician shows us that physicians will be no exception.”

“Freelance Physician modernizes temporary staffing and makes the process work better for everyone.”

Open To All Freelance Healthcare Professionals

An attractive work option for any freelancer, at any stage of your career.


Freelance Physician places doctors in the driver’s seat by maximizing your options, autonomy, and income. We give you tools to easily manage all of your assignments in one portal, while connecting you with other providers as a team. Become part of an original social medical network that works to service their medical communities in need.


Browse freelance medicine opportunities in your specialty and states of licensure. All work is posted with full transparency as to the hiring party, displaying rates offered and shifts needing covered. Connect with colleagues, follow projects and manage your assignments all in one private online community. Receive alerts that update you when new work is added.


Looking for temporary physician jobs or to hire a new provider? Need vacation coverage for your private practice? You’ve come to the right place. Freelance Physician makes it easy to post your work online, visible to thousands of healthcare providers in every specialty and state of licensure. Never pay high locum tenens rates again. Click HERE to get qualified and post your needs!

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Ready To Hire Freelance Physician?

Looking to hire freelance physician? Our online platform makes it simple and affordable to connect with thousands of freelance healthcare providers.

Ready to hire Freelance Physician? Let us produce your next temporary healthcare hire and save you thousands! Learn how to hire a freelance physician, nurse, or any allied health provider. Our experts will help you set your own rates to achieve maximum results at the lowest cost possible. Choose to hire a dedicated recruiter on a monthly basis as well. Our project managers are available Mon-Fri 8am-6pm PST to guide you on your decisions. Jobs are posted daily and the last post goes out at 3 pm. We make no exceptions to our acceptance policies when choosing which clients are allowed to use Freelance Physician. We choose our projects carefully and reserve the right to refuse service to any customer for any reason. Accordingly, our execution rates approach 100%. Thank you for your support, we look forward to working together!

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