3 Ways You Can Drive The Cost Of Human Capital Procurement To Zero, Or Nearly There

Well, let’s be honest, zero is a pretty low number.  But it’s a worthy topic in the staffing world with the rise of online staffing platforms and crowdsourcing themed startups that seem to assemble the masses of workers using technology.  But can that social technology begin to drive the cost of high talent/scarce supply human capital to zero?  How about near zero?  Let’s start with some basic assumptions, then I’m going to give you three ways in which high demand/high talent workers that are in low supply can be driven towards free, or at least headed in that direction.    1.  Assume your current method is entirely broken, old school, and on the verge of being replaced next week by a start up company in the bay area.  Fact is, you’re likely correct anyway, so you might as well at least start thinking about what your going to do about it.    2.  Get into the mind of your target participant.  Wake up Virginia, today’s workers are not the same as the 1990’s.  Heck, they are not the same as 2 or 3 years ago.  Remember when texting was unheard of in a B2B interaction?  That was so 2013.  Now it is not uncommon for vendors to use SMS to communicate with customers, and for employees with bosses, and so on.    3.  Participants will dump you like a prom date on Monday despite your best “relationship”.

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