What is a “Freelance Physician”?

The business of staffing healthcare providers into temporary positions, a.k.a. “locum tenens”, has changed very little in the past several decades.  To be clear, I do mean “business”, because that’s the only context in which the phrase “locum tenens” can be used.  For example, a temporary physician sent on an assignment by an agency is called a “locums”.  This locum physician works for a staffing agency as an independent contractor on behalf of that agency’s client.  Yet, if this same physician set out on their own and offered their services to a different hospital, negotiating their own rates and terms, they should not be called a “locums”.  Rather, this physician is working as an independent contractor for themselves, on their own direction and without an agency taking upwards of 40% of their hourly rate of pay.  I have referred to this since the launch of our online staffing platform,  Freelance Physician, in the summer of 2013 as “freelance medicine“.  Hospitals, private groups, independent healthcare orgs, etc. (clients) can now offer their freelance work opportunities directly online to a rapidly expanding talent pool of verified freelancers from every specialty and position in America.  We are seeing an average of 300 physicians sign up per month, and as of September 2015 have over 2,500 working in some capacity as freelancers somewhere in the U.S.

Freelance Physician offers a marketplace model, where the hiring parties set rates and terms (after being qualified first), and the workers browse these offerings and submit their bids to perform the needed services.  Forward-thinking clients ready to try an online marketplace to hire their next temporary provider can see well upwards of 40% reduced costs when compared to traditional locum tenens staffing agency costs.  Several of the largest healthcare organizations are looking to Freelance Physician this year as a means of saving massive amounts of spend on locum tenens during times of shortages by hiring temporary providers as freelance physicians instead.  By using technology to simplify lumbering temporary staffing processes such as credentialing and scheduling, Freelance Physician is lowering costs and making it easier for more providers to participate.

Join Freelance Physician today and begin working for yourself, supporting your colleagues, and offering assistance to the organizations in your local area.

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